Startup Site Design:
Biotech Energy Company

Calysta Energy design by Ghostdog Design

Calysta Energy opens its doors.

SF Bay Area Website Design

Have a strong product message? Don’t want it obscured by cookie cutter design? Want to look more credible, more professional?

Be it pharma, biotech, tech start-ups, we’ll give you smart, creative web design options.

Creative Web Design

HighIP Design - technology start-up

Brochure Site Design:

CREDO website redesign by Ghostdog

Simple, sleek, creative and contemporary... the design goals expressed by Rubicon Technology Partners. This site is about as clean as it gets.

Small Business Design:
Property Management


Prodesse Property Mgmt... a clean inviting site that moves away from the boring corporate look of other property manage-ment sites

Brochure Site Design:
Educational Research

CREDO website redesign by Ghostdog

Looking beyond stereotype classroom images... Credo's site is custom designed to fit the Credo mission of improving education quality.

Intranet Design can present challenges... We've got ideas to help you jump through those internal communications hoops.



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